YAW is a youth development organisation that is made up of volunteers from all walks of life, with a common interest in helping young people. The group is helped by other groups such as the Victoria and NSW Police, the Albury Wodonga Volunteer Resource Bureau. The committee aims to provide young people with meaningful experiences and support networks through wilderness leadership programs, to assist educational and employment futures.

Our Aims


  • Provide young people in the Albury/Wodonga regions with alternative settings for social development;
  • Work with local schools and other agencies to assist with the development of young people;
  • Access local wilderness programs within the Albury Wodonga region and across Australia.
  • Continually improve the quality of the program;
  • To engage qualified, motivated, and experienced volunteer staff;
  • Effectively respond to the needs of relevant agencies; and,
  • Initiate effective partnerships with the community, corporate, benevolent and private sectors.


"When we neglect what matters to us, that becomes the matter with us. We want to help youth not just create lives that work, but lives that count".




In 2003, local service professionals associated with Albury/Wodonga, non-profit organisations and community members' researched models of best practice to find a suitable program to assist local youth to achieve their potential. The major parameter was to identify a working program to complement local community youth initiatives and objectives.


The core group identified the Operations Flinders South Australia Wilderness Program, from a nation wide search and adopted it as a model of best practice. And so groups of boys went to South Australia each year to participate in the Operations Flinders program.


In 2007 it was decided by the committee that in order to develop more opportunities for our young people, it would be an advantage to access local providers and programs. As a result, the committee changed its' name, and Youth Albury Wodonga (YAW) was formed, giving the committee the diversity to seek further opportunities with local providers and create opportunities which would better service the needs of our youth, as well as taking the focus from crime prevention to the enhancement of leadership and personal development.